Where can The Little BAR Cart (TLBC) go?

TLBC will travel anywhere within the Perth Metropolitan area and in the Central and Eastern Melbourne area. We would also be excited to discuss your enquiries for events outside this area. Get in touch with us via our contact page.

What is provided?

Please see our packages, listing what is provided in our services.

Do you supply/sell alcohol?


Perth Region, Direct selling – If your event has 75 guests or under, we can sell to the public for a maximum of 4 hours. If your event has 75-100 guests, we can sell to the public for a maximum of 2 hours. If your event has more than 100 guests, we can still sell alcohol at the event, but it would be dependant on the grant of an Occasional Liquor License.

Central and Eastern Melbourne, Direct selling – if you require us to provide alcohol and other beverages for the purposes of selling direct to the public this is not an issue. We will obtain the appropriate Victorian liquor license based on the specific details of each event.

Private events – For events where you would like to supply your own alcohol, you may source the products yourself. We can also source products for you which will give you access to very competitive pricing for your champagne, wine, beer and any other beverages you require for your event. If we supply, we will bring all the stock to your event, chilled and ready to serve.

The Little Bar Cart is available to appear at large public events such as music concerts, festivals etc. To have TLBC at your event in Perth, email us at celebrate@thelittlebarcart.com.au
To have TLBC at your event in Central or Eastern Melbourne, email us at melbourne@thelittlebarcart.com.au

what do you serve?

TLBC is a full bar service, so more than happy to serve any of your beverage choices at your event including Champagne, wine, bottled beers, ciders, spirits, cocktails, soft drink, juice and water.

Do you make cocktails?

Yes. Ingredients for cocktails can be supplied by you, or, can be supplied by TLBC. So we can be prepared, please advise us on your needs before the event.

can tlBc go indoors?

Yes. We have designed TLBC specifically so that it can fit inside most houses/venues. Talk to us if your event is planned indoors, and the access measurements, and we will tell you if TLBC will fit!

Can TLBC be moved up or down stairs?

Maybe, depending on how many stairs there are. Please discuss concerns with us. We may need you to send us a photo of the location.

Do your staff hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate?

Yes, all our staff hold an RSA Certificate, and we also have Unrestricted Approved Managers on staff for licensed events.

I want to have my function in a park/hired venue. Am I allowed to supply alcohol?

Yes! However, it is up to the event holder to ensure the space or area is hired in accordance with council regulations and you are allowed to consume alcohol within your hired area.

For occasions other than a private residence (where relevant permits are required), the event organiser must provide permission confirmation to TLBC prior to the event.

Do you supply polycarbonate drinkware?

Yes we do. Please discuss your requirements with us.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Yes. When booking your event with TLBC, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your date. The balance to be finalised 7 days prior to your event date. Please note, deposits are non-refundable, and the full fee is forfeited if you cancel 14 days or less before the event.

Are there any delivery and travel fees?

Delivery, set-up and pack-up is included in the package price, within the Perth CBD and Central and Eastern Melbourne. A fee may be added for events further away. Please contact us to discuss your enquiry.


No we don’t. All beverages are to be chilled prior to our arrival. However, ice and tubs are used to keep any drinks cold for the duration of the event. For larger events where we are selling alcohol, we have mobile cool room facilities on hand.

Do you require power?

No. However, as our carts are fitted with LED lighting, so power is requested for evening events.

Can I use TLBC for promotional purposes?

Yes of course. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Do you have public liability insurance?